SAFCOIN Announces Determined Growth Plans

What is the Blockchain?

Breaking News: SAFCOIN, an exclusively African focused crypto-currency, Trading now 11 March 2019 for 1 SAF = ZAR 86.18

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Demand for DApps are very Present

LAN is the traditional content-sharing system which are isolated machines running in small local area networks (LAN).

Three Tips For Email Marketing

Sadly the truth is that junk stays junk, and we cannot compare junk with something awesome or extraordinary.

Issues Cryptocurrencies can Solve

Cryptocurrencies can operate at a universal level. It allows users to make cashless transactions with low transaction fees and is very fast.

Fasten Your Seat Belt For Blockchain

Ask yourself why is the press running with this, or why conservative financial institutions are starting to pay attention to the blockchain?

Colony for the DApp developers

Colony is an open source platform for developers to build DApps. A DApp is a decentralized application on the blockchain. Colony can be a platform for a community project, a company, or a non-profit organization.

Future Technology - The Race is On!

The brilliance and excitement of future technological development is really becoming the discussion of the day.

The Genesis Block

Early versions of the Genesis block on the blockchain were Block 1, but in the modern versions, it is block 0. Most of the times the Genesis block is hardcoded into the software of the applications that utilize it’s blockchain.

South Africa Launches a Working Group for Crypto Regulations

The South African government sets up a cryptocurrence working group. The South African government has decided to set up a cryptocurrency working group to regulate Cryptocurrencies.

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SAFCOIN Launches!

It’s official. SAFCOIN, an exclusively African focused crypto-currency, officially launched on 13 December 2018.

Skills for a Blockchain Programmer

One of the most exciting things is to become an expert in the blockchain and cryptocurrency environment. Anyone with the time and dedication can become knowledgeable in this subject.

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Track Your Health Condition on the Blockchain

Soon it will be possible to track your health condition by downloading a simple app on your phone from Google Play or App Store. This can been done with the latest Blockchain technology which will bring you a variety of benefits.

What will Happen with Digital Money if the Internet Shuts Down

If you have a look globally there are countries which shut down the internet. In China for example, the government put censorship on spreading more trading with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Real World Uses for the Blockchain

Many countries start seeing the benefits of the blockchain technology and here are a few cases of this new technology being used all over the world.

Cryptocurrency Wallets

Digital wallets are very different compared to your physical wallet. What does a cryptocurrency wallet do? It stores your private and public keys, enabling you to send and receive coins through the blockchain.

Heroes of Ethereum a Fantasy Game (DApp)

Heroes of Ethereum is a decentralized fantasy game based on smart contracts. This game has funny adventures, composed of knights, shamans, and chiefs. Players can level up their heroes, acquire the best armours or weapons.

Blockchain for Small to Medium Enterprises

People are afraid of new things especially of new technology and developments such as the blockchain technology. With Small to Medium Enterprises, it will be the same and will not exclude what the blockchain technology will bring us in this sector.

Blockchain Ecosystem Nodes

Let’s discuss what Nodes, Full Nodes and Master Nodes are: Nodes: A node is a device on the blockchain network, information.

Blockchains and Digital Identity

We all leave digital footprints on the internet whenever we transact, do a payment, sign–up on a website such as Facebook, etc. The more platforms we us, the more we leave traces on the internet. information.